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Satori ADR

Fees & Terms
Mediation -To see my available dates, click HERE
  • $300 per hour
  • No administrative fee
  • No fee for travel in the State of Louisiana.
The hourly charge applies to time spent at the mediation as well as time spent in
preparation, including reasonable time for review of pre-mediation statements, preconference
consults and correspondence with the parties. If the parties do not have a
mutually agreeable place to conduct the mediation, the mediator will arrange to rent
facilities and that cost will be invoiced to the parties.

Special Master Services
$300-$400 per hour, depending upon type and length of appointment.

$300 per hour for pre-hearing and post-hearing time
$2400 daily rate for hearing

Please contact me at your convenience for any questions or a price quote.
Mimi Methvin
337-501-1055 phone
888-298-0566 fax